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Facilities Management Outsourcing & Sourcing Life-Cycle Services

Trascent provides a broad range of services globally related to the full range of the Facilities Management (FM) outsourcing and sourcing life-cycle process. With in-market offices and local know-how that covers the Americas, EMEA, and APAC (including India), Trascent helps clients in all geographies build business cases and understand supplier market capability to develop targeted strategies, using the right sourcing model. Trascent provides clients with expertise and tools for both first generation and next generation FM outsourcing and sourcing initiatives:

    • Contract Assessments – Benchmark to Current Market Standards
    • Global CRE / FM Sourcing Programs
    • Regional Sourcing
    • Site level Sourcing
    • First Generation Initiatives
    • Next Generation Initiatives (companies in the second, third, fourth, etc. generations of the contract)
    • Transition
    • Governance
    • Implementation
    • Insourcing Business Case & Implementation

Case in Point: For a Swiss diversified industrial goods company, Trascent developed a global sourcing strategy and business case for the CRE / FM leadership team. The business case was approved by the group level executives, and Trascent was retained to support implementation of the initiative from the RFP, transition, and governance phases in each major geography – EMEA, APAC, and the Americas.

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