Trascent DE&I Scholarship Program

In collaboration with CoreNet Global, this scholarship program encourages diversity, equity, and inclusion. By bringing the best and the brightest to the table we are increasing the pool of talent across the corporate real estate industry.
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Scholarship That Supports Diversity & Talent in CRE

Take advantage of a groundbreaking scholarship opportunity designed to open doors in the world of Corporate Real Estate.

We are happy to continue Trascent’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Scholarship Program in Corporate Real Estate, created in collaboration with CoreNet Global Learning Foundation and CoreNet Global, the leading non-profit corporate real estate professional association. This scholarship is dedicated to supporting and encouraging education, talent development and diversity in the corporate real estate profession through CoreNet Global’s MCR (Master of Corporate Real Estate) and QPCR (Qualified Professionals of Corporate Real Estate) qualification programs.

As a minority owned global CRE strategic management consulting firm, Trascent is dedicated to the core values of diversity and inclusion. We are pleased to make a contribution towards increasing diversity of talent in Corporate Real Estate, an essential step for the growth of our profession.

Scholarships provided by Trascent: MCRs for professionals anywhere in the world, and QPCRs for young professionals and students studying CRE in an accredited educational institution. By encouraging diversity in Corporate Real Estate, we hope to add to the talent pool of the best and brightest in the CRE space and help move our industry forward.

2023 Trascent DEI Scholarship

Trascent is happy to announce the 2023 Trascent DEI Scholarship Recipients!

This talented group of individuals are some of the best and brightest and we look forward to the impact their talent will have on the future of Corporate Real Estate.


  • Randolf Ilawan – Philippines
  • Sarah Shezi – South Africa
  • Jesse Trevino – USA


  • Ricardo Becerra – USA
  • Yijia Chen – USA
  • Raj Shekhar Dewangan – USA
  • Giuliana Iavarone – USA
  • Mariko Kimura – Australia
  • Albert Matlock – USA
  • Wai Yau Pang – Malaysia
  • Maya Peterson – USA
  • Benjamin Takahiro Tan – Singapore
  • Sanad Zumot – Canada
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2022 Trascent DEI Scholarship Announcement

Watch Our Scholarship Program Announcement

Announcing 2022 Scholarship Recipients For CoreNet Global's MCR & QPCR Programs

2022 Scholarship Program Recipients:


  • Kimberly Chew – Singapore
  • Igbanam Jebbin – Canada
  • Mitakshi Sirsi – United Kingdom


  • Daniella Elise Gelacio – Philippines
  • Sofia Melhor – United States
  • Ta Wei Chiang – United States
  • Baasankhorol Lkhagvasuren – United States
  • Louie Steven Co – Philippines

Corporate Real Estate Professional Designations

Trascent has partnered with CoreNet Global and CoreNet Global Learning Foundation to give scholarships for Professional Designations in Corporate Real Estate.

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Qualified Professional Of Corporate Real Estate

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Conversations on DEI & more

A Fireside chat with Rakesh Kishan and Angela Cain, discussing DE&I topics, including the importance of Corporate Real Estate professional designations and diversity in the workplace.

A Podcast: Next Generation CRE Talent - Value of Professional Designation with Kimberly Chew.

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