What is Corporate Real Estate (CRE)?

Corporate Real Estate is a broad term encompassing real estate, facilities management, project services, and corporate services. CRE is defined as the strategic optimization of the real corporate property used by a company for its operational purposes.
While the term “Corporate Real Estate” may seem to put a focus on physical properties, it actually encompasses multiple areas. Corporate Real Estate touches all classes of property, land and buildings such as office facilities, data centers, manufacturing facilities, logistic centers, corporate headquarters, distribution facilities, retail stores, and hotels.
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What is Real Estate?

Within CRE, real estate refers to the commercial property owned or leased by a company for operational or strategic purposes. These properties can be industrial in nature, zoned for commercial, or mixed-use to serve other purposes within their community or region.

What is Facilities Management (FM)?

Facilities management (FM) is a subsection of Corporate Real Estate that integrates all the organizational elements within a company’s built environment. It consists of three main categories: organization and maintenance, site and workplace services, including workplace enhancement, and specialty services. Encompassed in these categories is the management of the many functions that make real estate operational, including everything from utilities and energy management, to food and janitorial services.

Put simply, facilities management helps to ensure the functionality, accessibility, environmental impact, comfort, and security of an organization’s built properties and guides future growth and optimization.

What Are Project Services?

Project Services, as it relates to CRE, covers some of the larger jobs related to managing Corporate Real Estate, including project management, project management office (PMO), workplace consulting, D&C contracts, new build, fit-out, and more.

What Are Corporate Services?

The final major component of Corporate Real Estate is corporate services, which is designed to further support operational efficiency by aiding with everything from document solutions, to aviation and fleets, to general travel, office services, and environmental, health & safety (EH&S).

Trascent Services

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