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Six Key Predictors of Outsourcing Success

The last several years have seen substantial growth in RE/FM outsourcing worldwide. What distinguishes this wave of outsourcing is the depth and breadth of current initiatives. To understand what drives success, Trascent studied a diverse sample of 10 significant and successful RE/FM outsourcing initiatives to identify common challenges and proven success factors. Much industry analysis on the subject today is subjective, anecdotal and based on limited experience with large, integrated deals. This white paper is the first of its kind – a perspective on a maturing market combined with a disciplined review of 10 significant RE/FM outsourcing initiatives.

This Trascent white paper:

  • Provides an overview of the global RE/FM market
  • Describes the key complexities in structuring global RE/FM outsourcing agreements
  • Spells out the ramifications for pursuing global or regional strategies
  • Highlights the risks of bundling an entire scope of global services with single providers
  • Outlines the human resources, legal and financial issues to contemplate.

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