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Next Generation FM Outsourcing: A Framework For Strategic Decision Making

Over the last few years, the outsourcing market for real estate and facilities management (RE / FM) services has evolved dramatically. The market has matured at a global level in parallel with the increasing sophistication and leverage of corporate sourcing strategies. The increasing maturation of the RE / FM supplier market is providing new opportunities for corporations outsourcing for the first time, as well as those corporations who are in their second or third iterations of outsourcing.

This Trascent white paper highlights:

  • Effective new approaches and models for 2G and 3G outsourcing
  • How to build on the successes of legacy outsourcing structures and relationships
  • Proven frameworks for shaping 3G outsourcing strategies
  • The opportunities presented by the globalization of RE / FM markets
  • The lessons learned and findings from five early adopters of 3G approaches.

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