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Trascent works with CRE / FM leaders to help develop the right facilities management strategy for their functional organizations focusing on understanding business drivers, stakeholder requirements, enhanced service value and measurement frameworks.

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Case in Point: For a US-based global technology company, Trascent worked with the CRE / FM global head to develop a vision statement, engage the organization on the next generation model, develop a global measurement framework for CRE / FM and define key priorities going forward.

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Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management - Adding Value During Pandemic Disruption

In volatile economic environments, corporations need to fine-tune their CRE / FM Workplace, Sourcing, Contracts and Supplier relationships to create agile value-added responses. Corporations with consolidated CRE / FM supply chains are facing very different challenges to those with more complex structures. There are key areas within CRE management and FM strategy, where there can be value added. Organizations need to have an in-depth understanding of how current supplier relationships are designed to perform under stress. Rapid responses are needed, leveraging global supplier partnerships and financial interventions that ensure costs for services are flexing to meet changes are key.

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Next Generation Sourcing Strategies that Deliver High-Performing CRE / FM Supplier Relationships (And the Reasons Why)

Over the last decade, the Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management (CRE / FM) supplier market has undergone significant consolidation, the market is considerably different today than the previous generation sourcing effort and requires a new approach. Next generation sourcing strategies need to be balanced and should be linked to reinforce the concept of collaborative, high-performing CRE / FM outsourcing supplier relationships. This next generation FM strategy approach is differentiated along 5 key dimensions that we explore in this perspectives piece.

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Next Generation CRE / FM Sourcing – The Call for Quality, Technology & Innovation

The centerpiece of next generation facilities management outsourcing strategy should be built upon key stakeholder expectations in a business setting characterized by technology enablement, growth and high employment – factors very different than the conditions under which many corporations initially entered CRE / FM management and outsourcing. In this piece we explore the fundamentals of a next generation strategy and how clients are well positioned to capture the potential of the digitization of Corporate Real Estate services in their CRE / FM strategy.

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Complexities in Structuring a Global Facilities Management Outsourcing Agreement

This white paper outlines the complexities encountered in developing effective global corporate real estate and facilities management outsourcing contracts. Once corporations understand the CRE services and FM supplier market, corporate teams can better identify the issues and opportunities in globalizing their FM strategy approach. This paper provides an overview of the global CRE / FM supplier market, explores complexities in structuring global CRE / FM outsourcing agreements, delves into global vs regional strategies, the risks of a single global provider approach and outlines HR, legal and financial issues.

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Facilities Management Outsourcing Strategies in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry has faced significant pressures over the past several decades that have led to interest in and adoption of a more efficient FM strategy for pharmaceuticals. Despite the increased adoption of the outsourced facilities management model, there is still a need to better understand how the pharmaceutical FM model can succeed. This article explores how outsourcing initiatives are business led and require strong executive governance and project teams with prior outsourcing experience. In addition, suppliers and clients who jointly focus on third generation facilities management outsourcing innovation are able to continue to find new sources of improvement in outsourcing relationships.

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Third-Generation Outsourcing: A Framework For Strategic Decision Making

The increasing maturation of the Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management (CRE / FM) supplier market is providing new opportunities for corporations outsourcing for the first time, as well as those corporations who are in their second or third iterations of outsourcing. It is critical to build on the successes of legacy outsourcing structures and relationships whilst seizing opportunities presented by the globalization of CRE / FM markets. This paper explores the key lessons learned from the significant CRE / FM evolution since the late 1990s and includes lessons learned and findings from five early adopters of third generation approaches.

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