2024/2025 Trascent Global Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

Asia Pacific, Europe & Americas

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Consistently rated as one of the industry’s top events, Trascent’s Conferences bring together decision makers from corporate real estate, facilities management, sourcing, workplace and procurement.

Attendees come from a broad variety of industries; from pharmaceuticals to food and beverage, and Manufacturing to Banking and Finance, check out our list of 190+ Fortune 500 companies that have attended.

Trascent Global Conferences at a Glance

Asia Pacific

See further information on our 8th Annual Asia Pacific Conference here.

  • Scheduled for October 24 at Microsoft, Singapore
  • Inaugural conference 2012
  • Previous conference hosts: Merck, Thomson Reuters, Cisco, Intel, Ericsson, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, BASF, Grab


See highlights of our previous Europe Conference here.

  • Planning for March, 2025
  • Inaugural conference 2009
  • Previous conference hosts: Novartis, BMW, Lilly, Nordea Bank, Johnson & Johnson, GE, Heineken, Danske Bank, WeWork, Roche


See highlights of our 2019 Annual Americas Conference here.

  • Planning for May, 2025
  • Inaugural conference 2004
  • Previous conference hosts: Merck, Mayer Brown, Amgen, Sprint, NBC Universal, Thomson Reuters, Mars, Novartis, WeWork, Genentech, Microsoft

Check out our 2023 Global Highlights!

2024/2025 Sponsorship Packages

Why Sponsor?

  • Engage with key decisionmakers in CRE at an end-user only forum
  • Create enhanced brand awareness within the CRE industry
  • Exclusive in-person networking and touchpoints for premium packages

*Please note all packages are offered on a first come first serve basis. All pricing is USD.

Need more details? Contact Danáe Prassides, Global Marketing Manager at [email protected]



“This was my first year attending the Trascent Conference and I loved it! I’ve never been to a conference that had such a cross section of industries or such candid discussion!”

“This, by far, is the only conference of its type. Great to hear from peers!”

“Great quality of presentations with good mix of speaker and audience participation.”

“Quality topics and discussion lead by real experts.”

“A unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field and to share experiences with other conference participants who have been through the CRE/FM outsourcing process.”

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