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Trascent Global Conferences focus on sharing thought leadership, best practices and lessons learned in Corporate Real Estate (CRE) and Facilities Management (FM). Trascent’s Strategic CRE / FM Asia Pacific Conference brings together industry innovators and senior executives to address the hottest topics in the industry – with a specific focus on the unique opportunities and challenges in the Asia Pacific market. The event is exclusively for end-users only. Contact for more information.

2023 Trascent CRE / FM Asia Pacific Conference

 In-Person Event – Stay Tuned For Event Date & Venue

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2021 Virtual Conference Preview

At our 2021 APAC event, we discussed:

  • New approaches to project management in the pandemic influenced CRE environment
  • How to take workplace experience as a concept and embed it into the fabric of how services are being defined
  • The evolution of CRE and how CRE is modifying its services and providing leadership on corporate mandates


Many workers around the world have experienced significant change to the way they work. Some have benefitted from greater flexibility as workplaces transitioned to work-from-home or hybrid models. Meanwhile, others have felt isolated and less productive.

Now, more than ever, Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management (CRE / FM) professionals are faced with the challenge of redefining the workplace. Simultaneously, workplaces of the future must also address issues around sustainability and digitalization to remain competitive.

How can CRE / FM better adapt to future uncertainty and accelerating trends?

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Hear from peers through industry case-studies and collaborative panel sessions.


Benefit from candid discussions that share cutting-edge industry tools and techniques.


Join our event community and network with other CRE / FM professionals around the world facing similar challenges.


“I am always interested to hear about case studies and experiences from other companies. Really informative… The format you have chosen for the virtual conference in these unprecedented times was really good.”

~ Director FM Offices EMEA

“Speakers were well informed and shared openly. Can’t wait for next year.”

~ VP, Global Workplace Solutions Americas


“I highly appreciated the agenda. Hearing my industry peers talking about RE / FM transformation offers a lot of food for thought and execution reference points.”

~ VP Site Management

Highlights from our CRE / FM Asia Pacific Conference in Singapore:

Trascent CRE Conference in Asia Pac Singapore FM Supplier Panel
People gathered for Trascent Annual APAC Conference
Audience APAC Corporate Real Estate & FM Conference Trascent
Trascent Lunch Asia Pac Singapore CRE Conference
Trascent CRE & FM Asia Pac Singapore Conference Traditional House
Next Generation Outsourcing Strategies Session Trascent Asia Pac Conference
Trascent CRE & FM Asia Pac Conference Panel
Trascent CRE & FM Asia Pac Singapore Conference Dinner

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