News Mar 30, 2023

Announcing Trascent’s Expanded Services & Corporate Brand Refresh

Dear Fellow Colleagues and Peers,

On behalf of Trascent, I am pleased to announce that we have expanded our consulting solutions to provide high value to our clients and address their complex corporate real estate (CRE) needs. CRE is constantly seeking new ideas and strategies amidst increasing volatility and transformation.  We realize this and want to ensure we meet client challenges in an ever-changing CRE global landscape.

Trascent’s expanded key service offerings include:

Please see our new services here.  

Our solutions are built upon helping clients pinpoint strategic opportunities and implement transformational initiatives, leveraging our global and regional market intelligence, best practices, proven methodologies and thought leadership.

In addition, we have updated our corporate brand with a new “look and feel” to reflect a continuously evolving firm with advanced CRE capabilities and global footprint, along with showcasing the firm’s commitment to its key values.

We look forward to serving our clients with their important CRE needs.

Best regards,


Rakesh Kishan 
Managing Principal  

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