Semiconductor Manufacturer

Semiconductor Manufacturer

Enabling Successful Global Performance Measurement

CRE / FM Challenge:

The RE / FM team for a $4 billion semiconductor manufacturer needed to establish a robust performance measurement system for all the areas and functions in its portfolio and across a global footprint. Those areas included space planning, services delivery and construction management in the U.S., Europe, Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

Collaborative KPI Solution:

Using a highly collaborative process designed to build ownership across a range of stakeholders, the Trascent team engaged the client’s RE / FM professionals to develop a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) directly linked to core business goals. Further, the company worked with functional managers in cleaning, maintenance, moves and other areas to develop a tiered set of metrics reflecting critical objectives in each function.

Stronger Performance Measurement Capability Result:

The manufacturer now has strong performance measurement capabilities aligned to its unique global footprint, with clear metrics in place to track progress against important strategic objectives for different types of facilities and locations.

Stronger Performance Measurement Capabilities Aligned

Established clear metrics to track progress against important strategic objectives in facilities management.

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