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Trascent’s annual global events bring together CRE / FM experts and leaders to discuss today’s hottest topics and most urgent challenges. Attendees hear unique ideas, deep insights and discuss urgent challenges. Register for more information on 2022’s virtual events. Or get in touch directly at

2022 Trascent Virtual CRE / FM Conferences

Trascent Virtual CRE / FM Conferences bring together innovators and thought leaders from a range of industries from across the global to discuss the latest topics, trends and urgent challenges in CRE / FM today. 

Now, more than ever, Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management (CRE / FM) professionals are faced with the challenge of redefining the workplace. Simultaneously, workplaces of the future must also address issues around sustainability and digitalization to remain competitive. 

Find out more about our three regional virtual conferences:

Americas Conference      Asia Pacific Conference      Europe Conference

2020 Global Virtual Conference Highlights

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What Past Attendees Are Saying 

Person in need of CRE/FM from Trascent

…a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field and to share experiences with other conference participants who have been through the CRE / FM outsourcing process.

Person in need of CRE/FM from Trascent

Great conference. This is the most valuable conference I’ve ever attended!

Person in need of CRE/FM from Trascent

I cannot imagine missing this conference. Best trip I make every year.

Person in need of CRE/FM from Trascent

Thought provoking data driven, sophisticated, excellent variety of end users.

Person in need of CRE/FM from Trascent

Good discussion, interactive & excellent networking opportunity.

Person in need of CRE/FM from Trascent

It was great! A good number of companies represented.

Person in need of CRE/FM from Trascent

Excellent discussion, very relevant. Good question & participation from audience. Appreciated “real world” examples, not just theory.

Person in need of CRE/FM from Trascent

Great collaboration and topics reflected the challenges and opportunities for the market.

Person in need of CRE/FM from Trascent

Informative, fun, stimulating conversation and great people.

Trascent Webinars

Next Generation Facilities Management (FM) Outsourcing – Communicating Value to the C-Suite & Senior Leadership Through Globally Consistent KPI Data Analytics

In this end-user only webinar, Stuart Langdon presented a case study highlighting KPI data analytics and supplier governance that drive Honeywell’s next generation FM outsourcing strategy.

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Addressing the Pandemic and Planning for Recovery in Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management

In this webinar Rakesh Kishan (Trascent) and Tom Knox (King & Spalding) address many of the complex challenges facing CRE / FM leaders and their organizations during a global pandemic and how to leverage their outsourcing relationships to put powerful responses together.

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CRE / FM Outsourcing in a Technology Driven Environment – Managing Complexity from a Legal and Operational Viewpoint

Rakesh Kishan (Trascent) and Kevin Rang (Mayer Brown) discuss how FM agreements and related transactions need to reflect the transformational role of technology.

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Trascent invite-only conferences are attended by over 170 leading companies from across the globe.

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Johnson & Johnson

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