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Frequently Asked CRE / FM Careers Questions

Here are some FAQs

From submitting your application to interviewing, we want to outline the process for you in advance. We look forward to connecting with you about our available positions in the near future.

How do I contact a Trascent recruiter?
Due to the high volume of resumes/CVs received, we ask that you do not contact our human resources department nor our recruiters. Rest assured that we consider every resume/CV and strive to keep all applicants informed of their status.

When will I be contacted regarding my application?     
Applicants chosen for interviews will be contacted within two to three weeks of submitting your resume/CV.

What is the Interview Process with Trascent?
Trascent’s interview process involves a combination of case interviews and experience interviews. For your interview, you may have separate case and experience interviews or a combined case/experience interview.

Case Interviews   
We value the case interview process as a means for us to get to know each other better. It is a chance for you to show us how you think through a real business problem and for us to give you an example of the kinds of work we see every day.

The case interview is only one dimension of the recruiting process, but it is typically the part that raises the most anxiety. We hope the information in this section will help you to prepare for the case so that you can be confident and enjoy the interview.

Experience Interviews    
In addition to the case interview, you may have an experience interview in which the interviewer will use traditional resume questions, a mini-case based on your experience and/or behavioral questions to understand your past experience and gain an understanding of your interest in Trascent. The behavioral questions involve asking you to describe your actions in a past experience in the context of a critical consultant skill.

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