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Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management

Trascent accelerates breakthrough performance gains in Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management (CRE / FM). Corporate Real Estate is the strategic optimization of the real corporate property used by a company for its operational purposes. Facilities Management is the organizational function that integrates all the elements within a company’s built environment.

With proven expertise, Trascent leverages extensive market intelligence, proven best practices and a full lifecycle approach in creating the strategies, technologies, operational structures, supplier relationships and advanced governance models required to drive CRE / FM success on all levels.

Why should companies choose Trascent for critical CRE / FM guidance?

Because business is a global game and leading CRE / FM organizations must have a global perspective and aim for world-class performance. Trascent has led some of the most complex and sophisticated global sourcing programs and set industry standards in helping global business leaders achieve core objectives.

Effective and Innovative CRE / FM Solutions

Trascent’s forward-thinking strategies and solutions produce proven, quantifiable results for CRE / FM leaders seeking to contribute strategic and tangible value to their organizations and to consistently stay on top of industry trends in CRE / FM.


Our Story

Trascent is a global management consulting firm, focused on driving performance improvements and generating quantifiable results in Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management (CRE / FM).

With offices in New Jersey, New York, Basel, London, Paris, and Singapore, Trascent serves clients globally and locally to design and implement a broad range of performance improvement strategies in CRE / FM. Over the last few years, we have helped our clients unlock over $500 Million in savings and improvements globally.

Our unique strength is the applicability of our consulting services to a broad range of global client portfolios – from data centres, to R&D labs, manufacturing and office to retail space.

Trascent provides market intelligence, benchmarking, functional and technology strategies, business transformation and outsourcing implementation services (RFP, organization, technology, HR, transition and governance) to leading global Fortune 500 corporations.

The firm promotes thought leadership and CRE / FM industry best practices through its top-rated conferences for senior CRE / FM executives and business leaders. Trascent is the only management consultancy in the world to hold three CRE / FM annual conferences in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Our People

Our multilingual team of global CRE / FM consultants brings functional and business skills to deliver improvements across a broad range of areas – CRE / FM strategy, CRE / FM technology, operational structures, supplier relationships and advanced governance models required to drive success at global, regional and local levels.

Our people are the backbone of our firm, are responsible for our success and are the key to our delivery of client engagements, shareholder value and quantifiable results.

Meet our Executive Leadership Team

Our Clients

Trascent partners with some of the world’s leading global Fortune 500 companies and best known brands to deliver breakthrough performance gains, sustainable operational improvements and tangible cost savings. We tailor our solutions to unique client needs, we apply our deep implementation experience, and we take a collaborative approach by partnering with our clients’ CRE / FM teams. With the ability to serve client needs worldwide, we have become the premier global consultancy in CRE / FM for defining today’s operational models and tomorrow’s next-generation strategies.

We are committed to continuously evolving and providing effective and innovative solutions to the rapidly changing CRE / FM industry.

Trascent’s strategies and solutions produce quantifiable, bottom-line results for CRE / FM leaders seeking to contribute more value to the business.

Trascent brings in-depth experience across a wide range of clients and industries, including pharmaceuticals, high-technology, financial services, consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, diversified industrials, media, oil & gas and other sectors. Our services are customized for industry business drivers, while bringing external, innovative CRE / FM models from across a broad range of industries.

Our History

Founded in 2000 as part of UMS Group (the global utility industry advisory firm), the company evolved as UMS Advisory in 2006 (and re-branded in 2014 as Trascent). Our firm has pioneered cost and service-level benchmarking, performance-driven pricing and advanced governance models that have transformed CRE / FM operations. Trascent is the only firm that provides top-rated industry conferences globally focused on advancing thought leadership, best practices, and market intelligence in CRE / FM. Our conferences have been recognized as an invaluable tool for CRE / FM leaders over the last decade.