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A Practical Guide to Developing an Effective Strategy

RE/FM executives are challenged to optimize the use of technology to effectively manage their organization’s global footprint, consisting of complex real estate and asset portfolios, progressive workplace models and increasingly interdependent business processes.

This white paper identifies and analyzes five principle questions that will help RE/FM business leaders to shape the boundaries for developing an effective technology strategy within their organization. It also delivers a fresh perspective on underlying RE/FM technology market trends, best practices and adoption outlook.

  1. How do legacy RE/FM technology decisions influence future-state strategy decisions?
  2. Is the RE/FM technology strategy sufficiently aligned to the organization’s broader transformational agenda?
  3. Which class of RE/FM technology is best suited to achieve the objectives and drive innovation at the enterprise, portfolio and operational levels?
  4. Which technology sourcing methods best support the organization’s portfolio objectives?
  5. What is the current RE/FM technology total cost of ownership and how can costs be further optimized in next-generation technology solutions?

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