Global CPG: Strategic Planning & Effective Implementation

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A global CPG needed a global sourcing facilities management (FM) strategy for managing a complex footprint spanning different facilities types and many locations around the world. Given the scope of the program, this initiative promised to be the largest ever of its type.

After conducting extensive market analysis, the Trascent team developed a five-year financial model, outlining and prioritizing the company’s cost saving and performance improvement opportunities across the RE/FM portfolio. Further, the company created a proposal tool for accepting and managing supplier responses. In addition, Trascent trained the client staff in how to conduct benchmarking site visits, due diligence assessments and supplier interactions.

Playing the role of global project manager, Trascent supported the development and implementation of the global outsourcing strategy for all facilities management services. Despite the scope and complexity, the project was delivered in alignment with all requirements for cost, quality and customer satisfaction.